Thank you for visiting my webpage. The purpose of setting up this page is to share my experience in the industrial sector with you as much as I can . As we know, we must pay attention to the safety of life and property at every step of our life. In this subject, ATEX directives can help us. If the area has flammable material, the ATEX Directives should be applied. And these areas are called hazardous areas. Since these areas contain flammable materials, we need to take some precautions. In this case, I will try to explain the gases on my webpage, like hydrogen, natural gas, propane, acetylene . As a result, I’m going to mention about electricity, instrumentation and electronics, including ATEX directives. If you would like to contact me about these issues, I am sharing my contact information with you. I wish everyone a happy, peaceful, healthy and successful life.

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